Highly Qualified Bilingual (English/Spanish) Highly Trained Medical Specialists

Customer Care Specialists

  • Schedule New/Current Patient Appointments

  • Patient Follow-ups

  • Answer calls

  • Reminder Calls

  • Voice Messages & Call Backs)


  • (PA) Physicians Assistants

  • (RN) Registered Nurses

Insurance Specialists:

  • Verify Benefits/Eligibility

  • Obtain Authorizations

  • Obtain Referrals

  • Educate Patients

Medical Billing Specialists:

  • Bill & Submit Claims

  • Post Payments & EOB's

  • Accounts Receivable

Sales/Marketing Specialists:

  • Sales Lead Follow-ups

  • Lead Generation For Office Products/Services (ie, Weight Loss, Aesthetics, Proprietary In-Office Programs, etc.)

  • Sales Lead Follow-ups

  • Sales Lead New Appointments.


SAVINGS and NO HASSLE employment with the following

  • FLAT Monthly Rate

  • NO Contract Commitments

  • NO Health Insurance

  • NO Dental Insurance

  • NO Hiring Expenses

  • NO Training Expenses

  • NO FICO Taxes

  • NO Workers Compensation

  • NO Payroll Liabilities


Healthcare Providers/Office Administrators

  • Client Selects Their Ideal Employee Profile To Fill Their Desired Position​

  • Staffing Company Schedules 3-5 Candidates for Client To Interview

  • Client(s) Select Desired Candidate(s)

  • Client Guides/Leads and Designates Their Desired "Training" Processes For Staffing Affiliate To Train Their Selected Employees "if" Client Desire OR Client Can Do The Training Themselves

  • Affiliate Staffing Company Trains Employee(s) Based on Clients Established Protocols

Note: Field Of Potential Employees Are Selected By Staffing Affiliate Based On The Client's Ideal Employee Profile

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