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  • 33% of older adults report suffering from chronic pain

  • 85% of those that suffer from chronic pain are affected by severe depression

  • Seniors have highest suicide rate / Age 85+: Highest Age 75-84: Second Highest

  • 75% visited their PCP within 30-days of their suicide

  • 50% of the time, depression was not diagnosed


  •  ALIGNS with CMS's "Triple Aim" objectives

  1. Improve Access To Care

  2. Improve Quality of Care and Outcomes

  3. Reduce Total Healthcare Costs


  • Conservative Treatment Modality

  • Liability Minimized (TORT) **

  • TRUE & Complete Turnkey Solution (They Will Handle it ALL for You and Your Team)

  • Fully Remote

  • Software: Proprietary & State of the Art

  • Complete Onboarding, In-servicing and Ongoing Training

  • Staffing: Included & Provided

  • Minimal Staff Deployment and Involvement

  • Dedicated Case Mgrs.

  • Maximized Coverage to Your Patient Population: Higher Patient Participation & Retention

  • High-End Revenue Returns


  • High End Monthly Returns-Please See Contact Page for a custom proforma

*: Information provided by ASOMA
**: Third Party Outsourced Documentation Reduces Providers Exposure to Increasing Tort Liability Among Seniors

All info provided herein was provided to RMC by RMC's affiliate companies

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