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ONE COMPANY For ALL YOUR Ancillary Needs

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A Bridge Between The Healthcare Professional

And All Your Ancillary Needs

Rego Medical Consultants (RMC) is an independent, privately owned company specializing in ancillary products and services for healthcare professionals and institutions. Our strategic corporate company alliances consistently add excellence and higher quality to patient care, while educating you on ways to potentially increase your net profits with elite ancillary products and services. 


BILL REGO President/CEO Bio

For 25 years Bill has applied his unique business skillset for success to a wide variety of clients including those involved in healthcare and professional sports negotiations. His entrepreneurial approach combined with keen sales and marketing savvy continue to help many healthcare providers with elite-point of care products and services for their patients.


To Enhance Healthcare Professionals Quality Of Life By Providing


  1. Potentially increase their net profits with preventive, conservative and minimally invasive products & services.

  2. Lower their stress & workload.

  3. Empowering them to embrace and apply business strategies daily that will help them grow their practices.

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